Since 2023, ONfile is no longer active. Part of the activities have been taken over by RFG Magazine. For more information, please contact Rob Hartgers, project leader of RFG Magazine: rob.hartgers@rfgmagazine.nl

ONile was a non-profit organization by and for exiled journalists, writers and other media professionals.

ONfile was founded in 1996 to improve the situation of journalists and writers who fled to the Netherlands. Since then, filmmakers and other media professionals have also joined our organization. Our community consisted of professionals from 35 different countries.

ONfile contributed to inclusive journalism and an inclusive society by supporting refugee media professionals in their professional integration. ONfile offered its network a safe haven and an (online) place for meet-ups, collaboration and knowledge exchange. ONfile also functioned as an intermediary between its writers, (film)makers and speakers and the Dutch media and society. ONfile offered tailor-made support for media professionals and media organisations.